Persuasive Essay About High School Sports

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Let Them Stay. Sports are a huge part in many people’s lives. People grow up surrounded by them, playing them, and watching them. They are everywhere, on television, in magazines, and in movies. Especially popular amongst teens, athletics are a big part of American high schools. For umpteen students, sports are their main reason of enjoyment and willingness to go to school. Although sports consume time and take away funding from academics; schools should increase interest in sports, because they encourage healthy habits and give non athletes and schools something to be proud of.
As important as sports are for many, some people believe sports are not beneficial. For example, they argue they take away too much money from academics. While it is true highschool sports take some backing away from academics, they teach valuable life lessons that could not be taught from your typical
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They pertain to non-athletes and schools as well. Athletics give an excellent representation of the school, helping to gain well deserved recognition. Sports contribute to the school community in an exceptional way; they deliver a sense of school pride, and give students positive things to attend . They lower dropout rates and lessen discipline rates for schools. Athletics are valuable all around in the high school system. While sports aid schools, their effects are preeminent on athletes. Athletics offer teens a physical release from their emotions and anger. As teens’ hormones affect their moods and thoughts, competition offers an opportunity to interact with fellow peers and coaches, while helping them understand their own potential. Sports also promote physical fitness, by encouraging young athletes to eat healthy and exercise. They teach discipline; by showing negative actions have consequences. Sports also teach young athletes respect, a trait that is scarce in today’s society. Sports give an overall favorable effect on high
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