Narrative Essay On Being Homeless

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You would n ever know by looking at me or talking to me that my family and I have been homeless before. For the kids that have been homeless before it doesn't make you any less worthy, or intelligent than anyone else. There are many things you can do not only to help yourself with the feelings of being embarrassed or ashamed but you can also help others like you, be apart of organizations, and volunteer your time to others that have been in our situation of being homeless so they can feel better and know it’s okay. You have to remember that none of the situations you’ve been put into is your fault. The bus ride was 8 hours, two stops in between. When we finally got off the bus my legs felt like uncooked noodles, my hands were already…show more content…
My brothers let kids bully them over it and it really hurt them emotionally and it caused one of my brothers to physically harm themselves. After that happened I started having my brother come along with me when I did my volunteer work and listen to the stories of these people. They had regular lives at one point also. There was one older kid we met whose father was abusive to him and his mother, so they left with only the cloths on their backs and ended up at the shelter. He was one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met and now he serves our country, he grew up and joined the military. My brother and him are still great friends and talk frequently. Furthermore my brothers friend did what I want to do for you, I want you to know just because you are homeless or have been homeless doesn’t mean you are less than anyone or intelligent because of the situations you had no control over. There are many of us that have been there before and you can overcome anything life puts in front of you. Start helping other people and telling your stories. Do volunteer work and get to know others, It’s so important because you could save someone's’ life and also help
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