Essay On Human Smuggling

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Jeannette takes a trip to a foreign country to finally meet a guy she has been talking to over the internet, she goes to one of the biggest cities in the area to shop around for souvenirs so she can remember her trip. As soon as she steps off the plane a van slowly pulls up by her side and 4 men jump out and put her in the van. Little did Jeannette know the guy she has been talking to would soon be trafficking her. Human trafficking and smuggling happen every day, some are vacationers who had an unlucky day. But most are locals who want to get out of a horrible country to America where they hear that they can achieve the American dream. People use different attempts to achieve the American dream resulting in the uproar of human smuggling…show more content…
Although human smuggling is still a federal crime it is a much safer form of getting a person over a border or into another country. Furthermore people will contact a smuggler and from there the people who want to be smuggled are given a time date to get the smuggler the money he needs. After that they are smuggled over in various forms depending where they want to be smuggled into. Although human smuggling is safer than human trafficking it can also be dangerous. An example of how it can be dangerous is if you ask to be taken over but don’t have enough money you can be put into debt bondage. Debt bondage is the act of repaying someone for something with labor that is not defined and a time duration that is not defined. If debt bondage occurs human smuggling will in turn become human trafficking since debt bondage is a part of human trafficking. Human smuggling occurs today in order to get people away from a country who is facing hardship and poverty. Also some may want to be smuggled out of the country it is a unjust society or they are having a war. Furthermore some people seek out a smuggler to get them to the United States due to hearing about the American dream. But what is the America
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