Argumentative Essay On Kids And Hunting

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It 's good for kids to go hunting and learn to hunt but should there be a line that stops young kids from hunting are there safety issues is there something that could go wrong. Some adults and other people think it 's good to let parents decide when their kid is ready to hunt I believe that parents should decide when their kid is ready but if an infant can go hunting that 's not safe that is too young let them decide when their kid is eight. Parents might make a poor decision. Last year governor Scott walker signed a law allowing kids of any age to hunt with a mentor, In my opinion scott walker is crazy It makes the woods unsafe, kids playing aren 't as safe, the kids that are using those guns with their parents aren 't safe.
Hunting licenses are now being sold to kids of any age in wisconsin as long as they are with an adult.Hunters are unsafe,because there are going to be more and more kids each year. Last year governor Scott
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6 The parents of those kids are hopefully smart. And don 't get hurt. I hope those adults taking five year olds hunting have taught them safety and how to control their gun. The kids wielding the gun might lose control if they weren 't taught very well. Why am I against this law. I 'm not that liberal in your town who can 't stand to see a hunter in orange or camo or a gun store or a gun, i 'm not the person who can’t stand if they see a trump sign.Im not that person in a prius. Im against this because it’s unsafe. What adult would allow there five year old child to carry a 30 caliber rifle, It’s stupid. Again parents be safe out there with your kids it 's good to take them hunting just maybe until they are older take them with so they can
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