Man's Ability To Follow Gender Stereotypes

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The most of us young people are searching for an identity. Our identity is extremely crucial. Everyone strives to find fellowship and togetherness to something we have common. It could be our ethnicity, the colour of our skinn or the gender we have. I am a swedish, light skinned man. Both swedish and light skinned are belongings that are quite simple to pinpoint. But man, what is a man . A man is not just a human being who has the chromosome pair XY, a man is so much more. When I think of a man, I think of someone who muscular, brave and emotionless. I think of someone that likes sports and someone who is a doctor, absolutely not a nurce. These stereotypes is just a few of many and there are some things that are common with those. They are all destructive, damaging and very dangerous. We need to stop the stereotypes!

In the beginning of the text I uttered that all people need an identity. So why is it bad for me as a male to follow these stereotypes ? I mean is just for me to follow these unwritten rules, how a man should be and behave and I will be one of the gang and my identity as a man is fixed. But there is a problem, stereotypes is just stereotypes
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In the article The gender pay gap, woman still earn lot less than men, despite decades of equalpay law they say that in rich and middle-income countries, the median wage of a woman working full time is 85 % that of a man. The reason? There are the stereotypes which are the answear again . A woman should not be police officers , a woman should be nurse, which has both lower status and pay. Why? The stereotypes says so. It is not because men are better in school and get higher grades. No, the women choose the lower payed jobs because the norms say so. Almost a third of working women in Britain say they are overqualified for their jobs. People need to follow their heart more, be what you want to be and do not let any stereotypes stop

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