Illegal Immigration Argumentative Essay

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You wake up in the morning on time to go to work. The sheets are soft, warm, and soothing under your body. The sun is up and casting a gentle orange glow through your window and landing on your floor, creating an asymmetric pattern. You get up and get ready, taking a shower and letting the hot water penetrate your skin. You get dressed and eat breakfast, enjoying your morning. You get in your car and drive to your job, your favorite song playing, only to be stopped by the ICE. Within hours, you may end up in a detention center and then, maybe, back to the country you left with a good reason. Seems scary, right? This is a possibility for all illegal immigrants here in America, and for some, a reality. Illegal immigrants are people from other countries going to another in hopes of a better life, but not in a legal way. However, a percentage of them don’t…show more content…
They wouldn’t do anything to get deported, not after they’ve dreamt of coming to America for a while. According to the article “Ten Myths About Immigration” on the website, “Statistics show that immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than native-born people are, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime.” With the evidence provided, most wouldn’t risk doing a serious or minor crime just to end back inside the runaway country. In fact, they have the same effects on America as native-born people do, economically the most. The same article also states, “Immigrants who are undocumented pay taxes every time they buy taxable goods such as gas, clothes or new appliances (depending on where they reside).” The money that they earned or got from a family member is given back to the economy as soon as they buy the necessities they need for their new life. If they’re starting over, they’re going to want to keep a clean slate in fear of going back to their original
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