Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Every person has his own home, his own comfort zone and his own piece of mind. Leaving your own home may alter one’s stability and disturb his whole life. People usually migrate aiming for a better life standards, opportunities or for safety conditions. There are two ways for migration, it’s either legal migration or using the illegal road. llegal immigration has been a very big problem in the United states for a long time. This notion is not new, as thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the US in several ways like ; the Mexican border or the Pacific Ocean. Some others have entered the United States legally through a visit visa, but then decided to stay illegally and start looking for work in lots of places which dont require legal…show more content…
First, it may be good for economy, we may think that immigrants steal the local jobs but they actually bring new jobs to the countries, they dont come to the USA empty handed, they bring money back from their countries and also spend their money there. They usually work all the jobs other Americans dont work, they workj really hard jobs and ask for little money in return. Most of the immigrants usually choose to come to United states because they believe it is the land of oppurtunity and better future, they also believe that the melting pot would make everything much easier, so one shouldn’t compete with immigrants as they think normally move abroad to search for better oppurtunities and they come from harsh backgrounds like wars or family complications. All in All, one should argue that immigration should not be banned, even if its illegal. Illegal Immigrants should not be sent back to their countries ;They should be sentenced to any kind of punishment, and if they want to stay in the US, they should have the legal forms filled and have all the checkups done for the citizens’ safety. Sending them back,could cause losses to the economy, as they work jobs that nobody wants to work, so they add a negative aspect to the
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