Persuasive Essay About Illegal Immigration

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Every person has his own home, his own comfort zone and his own piece of mind. Leaving your own home may alter one’s stability and disturb his whole life. People usually migrate aiming for a better life standards, opportunities or for safety conditions. There are two ways for migration, it’s either legal migration or using the illegal road. llegal immigration has been a very big problem in the United states for a long time. This notion is not new, as thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the US in several ways like ; the Mexican border or the Pacific Ocean. Some others have entered the United States legally through a visit visa, but then decided to stay illegally and start looking for work in lots of places which dont require legal staying papers. Illegal immigration both benefits and hurts the economy at the same time, it benefits the local economy because lots of these immigrabts work so…show more content…
First, people who immigrate illegally dont go through the safety procedures that they usually should go through ; like for example, they dont get tested for dieases which could cause dangers like spread infectious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, etc). These dieases were already wiped out but were brought back again. Illegal immigrants have no background checks, which means that if they have any criminal past experiences, they will stay unkown, in opposition to legal immigrants who surely have no bad past. Illegal immigrants also bring the mentality of crime as they only obey the rules they choose to follow, they dont register their cars, and they also work illegaly, with unknown identities, and if they are ever caught, they escape and create new identities. Immigration Reform is a proposed change in law. Trump decided to change a couple of things in order to make the United States a better
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