Italian Immigration Speech

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Hello everyone. I would like to start saying how immigration nowadays became, sometimes a problem and sometimes the opposite of what a problem is. This is due to how our society works and how people live in a specific place, country and, last but not least, nation. For those of you who do not know the difference between countries and nations; the meaning is similar, but not the same; so there IS a difference. Probably everyone here knows what a country is, but what about nations? It is called nation a large body of people who CAN share the same culture, the same history or even just the same language. So, back to immigration, reasons to immigrate are vary but, in a way or another, because in the country, or nation, you live in, something is…show more content…
In those years Italy was a very poor country and after the war, the economy was slow to grow, especially in the south, which was less industrialized. With no jobs and no prospects, it was not surprising that many people decided to try their luck in America. Poverty and overpopulation were both big causes for Italians to leave Italy. We were used to work on farms in those years, but the soil was getting really bad and dry and it was hard to grow any crops. Because of this, there were very few jobs in Italy. Since there was such little food and so few jobs, diseases like cholera and malaria were making a lot of people sick. Since the conditions in Italy were so bad, going to the “new” America gave Italians an opportunity to find work and make money to save and send home to their…show more content…
They were wiping away entire cities and killing hundreds of thousands of people. Italians were slow to take part in the American political process and the political unification of Italy in 1879 did not bring better lives to the majority of Italians, who began to emigrate in large numbers to, other than the United States, Brazil and Argentina. Life for the new immigrants was difficult in all these countries, but Italians continued to emigrate anyway. Many hoped to accumulate enough money to return to Italy to buy land and lead better lives in their homeland, wave also called temporary immigration. By 1900, about 500,000 Italians were living in the United States, mostly in New York, Pennsylvania, NewJersey, andNewEngland. Numbers were high also because Italian family members have tended to live near one another. Marrying outside the Italian community was rare among early immigrants, but it became more common after several generations had passed; this was also a reason for the slow integration of Italians into the American society. As said already, immigrates were not always the dregs of society; the Italian immigrant culture encouraged education as a goal to reach in order to achieve that better life they migrated for. In turn, Italian Americans had higher than average graduation rates from high schools. Families in the Little Italies tended to be competitive and, improving themselves,
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