Persuasive Essay About Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson is best known for the courageous role he played in the integration of Major League Baseball in 1947. In fact, Jackie Robinson exhibited courage and humanitarianism on many fronts overcoming unforeseen barriers and challenges both on and off the field. What obstacles have you overcome that speak to what others can learn from studying the life of Jackie Robinson? By studying the life of Jackie Robinson individuals can learn that he was the first colored man to join a professional baseball team. A multitude of people disliked him and looked down at him because of his skin color despite the fact that he was a very talented player. At the young age of 9 I moved to a small city in Eastern Kentucky called Barbourville from my hometown Atlanta, Georgia. Coming from a large city racism is something I never got a chance to encounter. Of course racism is everywhere but being a hispanic child in public school in such a large city there was a large variation in races so everyone pretty much got along. Once I moved to Kentucky I noticed that I would get a lot of stares and that many people would try to seperate themselves from me. I would get a mix of racist remarks and questions about who I was. Some people were interested in why I could speak more than one language while others would push me away and make it clear that they did not want me to be around them. At first i was confused because as a 9 year old with no experience with racism I did not know what was going
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