The Junk Food Hobby Wins Again Analysis

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As an unhappy parent of an 8th grader, I am currently writing to you in order to express my own concern regarding the increasing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes as well as the sale of junk food in public schools located in Connecticut. Since my child has started to attend middle school he has gained 10 kilograms of weight, which is to me, completely unacceptable. I certainly believe that one of the reasons to him getting so obese in a matter of 2 years is due to schools selling and advertising inappropriate food for children during the school day.

Recently, I have read an article titled “The Junk Food Lobby Wins Again,” and let me share with you some information I have gleaned from it: according to this article, the issue regarding the sale of junk food in schools across the USA is
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However, at the present, local schools are lured too strongly by the cash generated by selling soda and junk food to the students. I can understand that due to having Patrick Sullivan (who is hired by Coca-Cola) as your campaign advisor, you could possibly have been in favour of Coca-Cola and soft drinks at the time you vetoed the proposal to ban unhealthy products in schools. However, health comes before economic and financial factors. What is the point of making so much money out of a policy that ruins people’s lives and potentially could lead to killing them? Politicians all over the USA are blinded with money and they have, without carefully thinking about the devastating consequences that will soon lie before them, hastily put to an end a contentious battle over junk food with a swift stroke of a pen. Now, many parents ask: “Will politicians ever show strong and charismatic leadership through putting the health of our children at their top priority? When will there be a governor who is not biased, nor influenced by corporate profit as well as
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