Lewis And Clark Assassination Speech

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Hello everyone, The day has come. We traversed the slippery slope that is middle school. We didn’t succumb to peer pressure or anything else for that matter. We made it! I like to think of this day as sort of the culmination similar to Lewis and Clark 's expedition. We made it from coast to coast. By no means was this easy but it feels good doesn 't it. Lets remember some memories of this all of us. (pause) there are up and downs at every which turn like traversing the American countryside in the early 1800’s. Some times we fell into a hole but with support from the rest of us we were able to get out and be stronger from it. This reminds me a lot of the time when I was on the 7th grade camping trip. I know this event is basically beaten to death at this point and we would of heard it at least 100 times if everyone presented but I have a unique take on it that I believe will kind of tie into my Lewis and Clark metaphor well (wonder why I chose it). It was the first day of things and we were on some side of the road…show more content…
For the Design Principle I chose Solitude and Reflection. I chose that because I am a pretty social guy and don’t work well at all when quiet (wonder why this speech sucks now do you). But I have been making strides towards making it better every day. I went from flat out not doing it at all to doing it fairly well but still not that great which is why probably half of this is thrown together on the bus last minute. So now back to Lewis and Clark. They had to work hard living for years and still traverse large amounts of land in an acceptable amount of time. And sometimes they had to work silently because like bears and stuff and they probably got very good at it by the
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