Persuasive Essay About Living In America

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As a part of living in America, we the people have many different opportunities to be successful and have a positive life. America, land of the free home of the brave, is one of the better places to live on Earth. This is a common misconception of people from different parts of the world. Living in America we deal with contrast; whether it’s striving for perfection but having such a high obesity rate, or getting a higher education but face the chances of having loads of debt. First of all, countries all around the world understand how important education of the next generation is. Some of these countries include: France, Denmark, and Mexico. America is one of the few countries that doesn’t offer free college tuition, forcing most students…show more content…
With this amount of debt it becomes more challenging for students straight out of college to live sustainably. America has some of the best colleges in the entire world, but the greater the college the more expensive it is to get accepted into the college. If you live in Washington state, the yearly tuition to attend the University of Washington is $25,948. UW is the 6th ranked college in the nation, but having to pay almost 26 thousand dollars a year to attend school is nearly impossible for those to pay unless they receive a scholarship. When you ask someone what they think about when they hear the word America, what is their response going to be? In class, we recently listed words that are associated with America. Some of the repeated words are: freedom, wealthy, safe, power, and equality. Although those words do associate with America, there are hundreds of other words such as obesity, and poverty that are also related to America. Personally, living in America all my life, it has become very frustrating seeing a golden arch, or a mermaid at every street corner. America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. This is because of the fast, easy, and cheap food that fast food restaurants provide. The

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