Persuasive Essay About Love

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A hundred million thoughts run through our mind when we think about love. Whether it is a person or an object that we adore. We all have different ideas of what love is, but love varies in different relationships. In the story what we talk about when we talk about love written by Raymond Carver entails two couples talking about love and we discover what loves is from different perspectives, but mostly from Mel and Terri. This couple has had quite a few road bumps in their past relationships in which the questions arise what is love? One cannot give a straight answer as to what love is because the reality is that love is different for everyone and love is confusing but what we can make a list of, is what love is not. We would all like to believe that love conquers all or that love is patience and kind, yet the reality of it all is that love is not always that simple.
If we were to go around asking people how they would define love to be, we would get all different types of answers, yet we would not be able to say whether their answers are right. What we talk about when we talk about love, Mel’s suggests that “real love was nothing less than spiritual love. ¨ (Carver 598). Spiritual love involves more than just physical or emotional but you just do everything for them and do not need anything in return. This what Mel and Terri share or what Mel is trying to instill in Terri. Terri was in a relationship with Ed, which was her boyfriend before Mel, and with him, it was like

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