Persuasive Essay About Lying

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Have you ever lied but you do not know if you 're in the right or if you are possibly in the wrong? Sometimes depending on the type of situation you are in it will be okay to lie. Some times when it is okay to lie is when your lie can possibly protect someone or protect the way they feel about themselves or others. Another time or situation when lying can be justified as useful is when lying can help you avoid doing something that you may think is useless or just don 't want to do something because you think it can potentially cause harm.And the last reason why lying may benefit you or others in life is you might just feel of getting the need that you may have to impress someone because you probably do not stand out enough or you feel like you are probably being left in the dark because you are not bringing enough attention to people..Lying is sometimes acceptable when you have to protect others avoid or prevent something bad from happening or to act cool and relevant so you could stand out. The first way in which lying can be sometimes useful or beneficial is when you feel that someone is possibly in harms way.Sometimes you may some how just possibly get picked on because of their shoes but you may help out you friend by just saying that he just purchased the new pair of air juans limited cartel editions.Article 1 states that people use lies to protect others feelings Article 1 paragraph 3 says you can tell someone they look good but in reality they do not look good at
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