Persuasive Essay About Makeup

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There are many different reasons for makeup, like the use in movies or dramatic effect. But one of the biggest reason is just to enhance the natural beauty in a person, or just cover up embarrassing blemishes which will bring up people 's overall confidence.
The most beautiful and unique factor on a person is their eyes, which many people believe is the door to the soul. And what type of makeup you use and how you use it tells a lot of what vibe the person is trying to give off. With eyes the main challenge for amateurs is they haven 't identified their eye shape. The fundamental problem with this is they will try to do a makeup tutorial and it looks completely different, that’s because they don 't understand what makeup style looks good with the shape. Because, makeup enhances features, and they will enhance the wrong things that throw off the whole look. The six main types of eye shapes are monolids, hooded, closed set, open set, deep set and protruding set. Of course there are many more but these are the basic shapes. All are beautiful and unique but the best way to enhance monolids are to have a thick eyeliner because the eye will naturally close on itself so a thick liner will help bring out the eyes for any occasion. Also, investing in false lashes give monolids the more open look that most women want. Eyebrow are another key factor on the face that can change the whole look, for monolids it 's important to have soft eyebrows that are filled with powder so monolids

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