Persuasive Essay About Medical Marijuana

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In the previous research, I noticed that medical marijuana has been aiding people more than a thousand years and it has been a source of a cure for so many diseases. One of the commonest effects is the pain relief. So many people suffer from different kind of physical pain but mostly old people. It helps them a lot. Another thing is that it has been a helping as part of menstrual inconveniences. Women suffer from this pain and for quite some time. There has not been any cure from this pain but the medical marijuana could be the starting solutions for the pain to go away. The last thing about medical marijuana and the effects of it is that it has a huge impact on Glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is basically a start on losing the eyesight. Medical marijuana could be an assistant for the cure to this problem and it has been proven from the National Eye Organization (NEO). Since these are some diseases that medical marijuana I wanted to know what researches say about new diseases that medical marijuana can heal. My research shows a number of solutions but the most common ones are Alzheimer’s disease, it has a huge impact to heal cancer cells, it can be a source to heal HIV. And the research says a lot.
The first disease that medical marijuana can heal is Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is the common cause of dementia. The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that can include memory loss, anxiety, aggression, and hallucinations. Alzheimer’s has been common dieses

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