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Middle school is a very different time, a time to start discovering yourself. Many people figure out what makes them truly happy, or what they want to do with their life during this time. It’s also the road to high school, the last stop of your standard American education. As a middle school graduate, I’ve dealt with all the ups and downs, all the A+’s and the C-’s, all the old and new friends, and all the choosing of classes. Electives are the time to have something you enjoy in school, to pick what makes you happy, but also what will help you later. The two electives I advise you to choose are either a T.A. (teacher’s assistant) or Spanish. When selecting an elective, you usually want to pick something fun, something that you’d look forward to almost every day. As a previous T.A., I would look forward to the period after lunch (my elective period) just to have an hour of letting my mind rest. If it were an easy day, I would work on homework from another class, read a book, or…show more content…
Taking Spanish in middle school does the opposite. By not taking Spanish in middle school, I’m struggling. The Spanish teacher I have is infamously known not to prepare students for the next year of spanish. Therefore, I am most likely going to have to get a tutor or use a computer program to catch up. The Spanish teacher at rolling hills, Sra. Vanhonsebrouck, is known for her fantastic teaching methods and positive attitude. Overall, any elective you’ll choose will be fun, but the one that will prepare you for high school is Spanish. Spanish at the middle school will go at a slower pace in middle school compared to high school because they split the first year into two. I really wish I took Spanish as a seventh grader and prepared myself for high school. Learning a new language can be fun if you go at the right pace and with the right

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