Persuasive Essay About Minecraft

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Do you know somebody who spends hours playing minecraft every day? Well personally I believe that it may not be a bad thing at all. Minecraft is not just another video game, where players sit passively staring at a screen as they run around trying to collect points or shoot bad guys. It’s an immersive and interactive playground, where the constant challenges require the brain to work really hard during every moment of the game. Minecraft is one of the few video games that both entertains and educates players. Playing Minecraft for just 30 minutes each night can boost your grades, and even improve social skills. There is a plethora of reasons to make a little extra screen time for this incredible video game.

The first reason on why minecraft is so beneficial to its players is because the game is open ended. Minecraft challenges its players to
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While playing Minecraft, you will develop and improve visuospatial reasoning skills (aka visual perception of objects). As the basis for abstract thinking and problem solving, these skills will help you answer science and math equations in the most effective way. It will also cut down the time it takes you to solve…show more content…
While it’s not mandatory to join forces with others, players soon learn that survival is more likely when you work as a team. As a team shelters are quicker to build, resources are much easier to collect and there’s safety in numbers when it comes to monster attacks. Acting selfishly or aggressively towards other team members often comes at a great cost too. Overall teamwork is a very important trait in life that all people need to have when joining the workforce so for a video game to teach you that is quite

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