Persuasive Essay About Moving

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Moving is hard on even the happiest and most cheerful of us. For kids, who are little roller-coasters of emotion, it’s even harder. They have to change schools, change neighborhoods, change houses, and even leave friends behind – and it’s all so much at once. The difficulty of coping with the change can even lead to depression. So, don’t let your kids get lost in everything you need to do to move. Instead, engage your kids from the get-go. The more they get involved with the move, the better they’ll be able to adapt to the change and the better chance they’ll become excited about the move. Let your kids know you’ll be moving as soon as you can. If you have older kids, get them involved in the discussion, to help you weigh the positives and negatives regarding the move. The more you involve them, the more they’ll feel like they’re part of…show more content…
If you’re moving far away, you can buy travel guides, download pictures, check out the new place Google Street View, and collect all the information you can so your kids can start to imagine what life will be like in the new town. If you can visit your new town, plan as many fun things to do as possible. The more they see, the more excited they’ll be. Have your children make a list of the things they’ll miss and then a list of the things they’re looking forward to about the new town. Make your own list, too and compare. There’s a good chance you’ll find that many of the things your kids will miss can be found in the new town. Let your kids say good bye to anyone that’s been an instrumental part of their lives, including their friends, coaches, teachers, and neighbors. Plan a special party of dinner to make sure each child can say goodbye in his or her own way. Not only will your child need to say goodbye to people, but also places that they’ve grown to love. Take the time to do some of the things they love one last
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