Problem Solution Essay: The Overfishing Problem

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Have you ever thought what would we be like without fish. How important is our marine life? Over fishing is a huge problem that needs to be brought to an end very quickly. Overfishing is an urgent matter that should not be pushed aside as if it was not as important as the rest. As a result of overfishing, we could lose 90% of ocean fish. In this research paper readers will read about the importance of overfishing.
Overfishing is a worldwide problem that is growing to be greater and greater every day. What is overfishing you ask, well i 'll tell you it is when sailors or hunters start to prey on our ocean fish and the amount of them in the sea is decreasing. Overfishing is all over the world in Antarctica overfishing is known as the catching of the fish faster than it was taken to reproduce themselves. “ I believe citizens are beginning to realize that their birthright, a healthy ecosystem, has been stolen, and they want it back.” -Charles Clover. Overfishing will not disappear if we don 't help to keep our oceans safe.
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Overfishing is a crime that should not go unpunished because if we don 't punish the perps our wildlife will suffer, but you think that’s a crime? In 1996, congress amended the Magnuson-Stevens act to add the rebuild to help bring up the fish population. The fish are continuing to be hunted and more and more are dying. In 1976, in response to on-going fishing problem. Congress passed the Fishery Conservation and Management Act, which stopped foreign fishing vessels. So in 1976 we stopped foreign vessels, but what about our own vessels who is stopping the U.S. from hunting down the fish. “I am concerned about the air we breathe and the water we drink. If overfishing continues; many of these species will disappear off the face of the earth.” Wouldn’t it be sad if the great grandchildren from this generation had never seen a
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