Narrative Essay On Overeffective Parents

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Raising a Rebel Have you ever had overprotective parents? Let me tell you a story of myself being one of them. At the end of every month, after Sunday mass, my children and I would visit local Toronto landmarks like the Ontario Science Centre or the High Park to take a rest from work and school. Jeffry would always favor High Park because of the zoo and his love for animals. However, Amelia would rather get her hands on the kid-friendly activities in the museum. I would love to satisfy their desires at the same time, but I couldn’t. I am able to hire a nanny to take one of my children to the park or museum, yet I was an overprotective mother who wanted to keep her babies close. Currently, it is November 12, 2050, Jeffry is now 21 and attending college to get a…show more content…
She was gifted with whatever she wants in return. Or, at least, I think I did; Lia is now 14 and constantly asks me to go out with her friends. As a response, I would instantly say no because of her studies. In her free time, I would make her do chores around the house or run some errands. Lia would always perform these easy tasks, but now she seems to ignore me. I wonder if I did something wrong. Did I not give her allowance for this week? Is there some sort of event that I forgot that occurs today? Whatever she wants, she gets. What more in the world can I give her? Today was going to be a special day, I requested St. Michael’s for a day off to meet up with my kids. Soon, I will finally get to see my children together side by side again. The day was as windy as it could ever be; the sky was a dull gray with clouds, the smell of gas filled nose, and the sound of business men talking into their phones occupied my ears as I walk towards the park where Jeffry planned to meet. I quickly pull out the newest generation of an iPhone and began to text my daughter; reminding her to meet up at Scaramouche before 5 to get our

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