Persuasive Essay About Pet Peeves

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We all have pet peeves that sends us to the point of going off the edge. The smallest things can set a person off and it seems like every other day there’s always more. Many of us will just run away from them and not even ask if they will stop. Sometimes being kind can solve more problems than getting angry over them. Here are some pet peeves that bugs me the most are bad drivers, ignorant people, and noisy people. Bad drivers are one annoying pet peeve that many of people have. It’s not easy to drive but it does not help when many people on the road get distracted so easy from anything. Cell phones causes most of the distraction now days with the texting or just even having one in your pocket can distract people. Even cops can be distracted,…show more content…
A whole room can become disrupted when someone starts to tap their pen or pencil on the table. It’s disturbing when the person tapping their pen sits next to you and you have no choice but to stay there. Asking them to stop may not work because once they know it bugs you they will just do it more and more so that way you will get mad. A silent room can become noisy with phone sounds. The dings when it comes to texting bugs students in the middle of class, people in business meetings, or even people on a bus. Ringtones are the loudest thing on a phone which a large number of people never turn it down or off. Another place that cell phones disturbs are schools. If their phone goes off the teacher will ask for their phone and many will just yell at the teacher and make everyone else wait while they deal with that student. There’s many things that set people off. There will always be something that bugs us and we just have to deal with them. If we let it get to us than we are no better than them. Just make sure you’re not the cause of someone’s else’s pet peeve. We cannot run away from our problems we just have to face them head. A lot of the time we just have to ask them to
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