Persuasive Essay About Prostitution

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A person can barter their mind, talents and skills and in many ways he/she does have the social acceptance to barter their physical bodies as well (athletes, models, etc.);but the selling of sexuality has yet to reach a proper position of social or cultural acceptance hence the negativity attached to anything involving prostitution.However, regardless of what people may think, it’s still out there and it’s a pretty big part of our society whether we choose to accept it or not. So much so that even though our country’s constitution states that"State shall endeavor to prevent gambling and prostitution” our government made prostitution legal in the year 2000 ignoring outcries from Islamic groups who would rather see it banished all together.Age old estimates show that over 200,000 (a number which might possibly be a lot higher by now) women in our country are involved in the sex industry,…show more content…
In this day and age the legality of prostitution as aprofession shouldn’t be and isn’t an issue anymore asthese women need the means to earn so they can keep themselves off the streets (or on them, if that’s what’s required of them). The major troubling issue, however, is the mistreatment they face from their customers and pimps as well as the society itself which would rather shun them for being dragged into a stigmatized profession instead of extending a helping hand to rescue them from the gutters. The treatment these sex workers are subjected to on a daily basis is inhumane to say the least and their inability to take any legal recourse makes things even worse. Forced into a life of terror and subjugation, abused by customers and their madames, some even shipped off to our neighbouring countries, there aren’t too many places these women can turn to for
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