Persuasive Essay About Racism

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Has anybody ever thought of this? Racism is sinful! Probably many have, but somehow everyone end up having to talk about it, as they see this form of sin practiced all over the world. It 's a serious problem. The word “Racism” is simply a word used for a person that demonstrates superiority of their race to another person. The reason why this is sinful is because all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, which proves all humans equal. But, from the start, humans have a natural tendency to make themselves center of everything. Cases of racism happen all over the place, from when we are kids, to refugees scattered all over Europe, and also horrible events in history. When a person hears the word racism a lot of times they may think of a white person picking on a black person. In my childhood I experienced racism and I am not black. The Italian school turned out pretty tough when trying to fit in with the rest of the class. The fact of being american told the classmates that I was different. It didn 't turn out as strait out racism except for the fact that they would call me “Americano” or “Carotene” (Stands for carrot head). The rest lead to bullying, excluding me from the group, and making fun of me. Kids don 't realize how much difference they can make in another 's life, and a lot of times the fault goes to bad parenting. One of the main reasons why the kids treated me in that way was because they were used to their parents letting them do what they want to. Bad

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