Persuasive Essay About Racism

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Since the existence of this country, society has been dealing with so many controversial political and social issues, racism and racial profiling are one of those social problems. Racism is an overpowering, disgusting, and popular act which has been destroying our country. A big issue in our society, is the still existing gap between all kinds of different races. We have known America as a multicultural country and a melting pot for all types of individuals. All the differences in an individual person have some sort of effect in a person’s life, those inequalities disturb opportunities at work, at home, where we live, in politics, etc. In our society, individuals who are equally qualified often faces race discrimination within their lives, which is disastrous and miserable. It manifest itself in many ways, whether you are a white or black person there are benefits and disadvantages for specific races.

People of color experiences so many unpleasant situations while growing. I was aware of how society looked at my race and that made me madder than a hornet who’s about to sting. No one in our world is born with a racist attitude, I know, because I have experienced that the racist behavior against the African American community is a substance of learning and experiences. As a child, you don’t really have an idea what it means to experience racism, but in the environment I grew up in I knew early what it meant to be part of an inferior group. I recall while growing up in
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