Reflection On Room 101

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A billion situations come up in my mind when I hear the phrase ‘Room 101’. For example when someone chews with their mouth open or writing coursework but the three most irksome set of circumstances are starting a conversation while I’m playing PlayStation, elderly kissing me on my cheeks and forehead and lastly...the people who take ages to come out of a public bathroom. I cannot bear these three things. They have been the bane of my existence over the years. They are immensely irritating and infuriating. I've been tortured countless times and I'd do anything to get them banished and never heard of again. Every time I feel I've escaped them they come creeping up behind you like a shadow. You might not believe me now but once I’m done explaining, you'll undoubtedly agree with…show more content…
Using the bathroom is alright but singing and using your phone inside while I'm waiting outside is just sheer disrespect. These clueless people have neither any manners nor any sense of time. Most of the time we get late to certain places just because of them. Don't they understand that we’re both in line to use the same bathroom? This is truly aggravating. It shows their negative standpoint on life and how little they contribute to society. If I’m kind enough to let you use it first, it is a basic human ethic that you repay me by making your so called ‘trip’ as short as possible but YOU Mr./Ms I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world torture me by making me wait almost an hour? Don’t you understand the fact that we're not at your homestead! It's just unreal how ignorant and insensitive these people are. To top it off, these type of individuals wear a highly provocative aura. You'll never hear them utter the word sorry even though they just wasted 20 minutes of your precious time. They will never admit their mistake. It's just really astonishing and unbelievable at the same
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