Persuasive Essay About Room 101

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A billion situations come up in my mind when I hear the phrase ‘Room 101’. For example when someone chews with their mouth open or writing coursework but the three most irksome set of circumstances are starting a conversation while I’m playing PlayStation, elderly kissing me on my cheeks and forehead and lastly...the people who take ages to come out of a public bathroom. I cannot bear these three things. They have been the bane of my existence over the years. They are immensely irritating and infuriating. I've been tortured countless times and I'd do anything to get them banished and never heard of again. Every time I feel I've escaped them they come creeping up behind you like a shadow. You might not believe me now but once I’m done explaining, you'll undoubtedly agree with my stance on eliminating them. The first of the three are people that start a conversation while I play PlayStation.This should be utterly forbidden for…show more content…
Trust me, this should just be illegal. It is exceedingly unhygienic and could lead to death, or at least that's how this act makes me feel. Awful! I try to unravel how love and affection are expressed, but that's not an excuse to get engulfed in gooey saliva. Let's get it clear, we all love the elderly. Don't we? But this act of love is deeply disgusting. Instead of affection, I clearly believe, it promotes hatred in a way. Would you like someone to ruin your look when you just come out of the shower? Exactly. It's mentally and physically disturbing for us poor souls who have to go through this every time we visit our beloved relatives. Visiting your relatives is supposed to be a time of enjoyment and relaxation but this very act ruins your whole experience. Who likes saliva on their face? Not me, that's for sure. If you do you're probably as nasty as a giant isopod. All the elderly that perform this, need to be given a major deterrent or sent immediately to room
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