Persuasive Essay About Rugby

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I believe that Bellmont High School should add rugby to the list of sports they have and I'll give you a couple of reasons why. I believe that rugby is a great sport. For those of you who aren't familiar with this sport, it is commonly played throughout Europe. I see no reason as to why we can't adopt this sport into our country. Rugby is relatively similar to the sport football. It's basically football without the pads and helmet. I strongly believe that it would draw huge crowd just like football does. It's a little cheaper than football also. That's just a couple of the many reasons I'll have up my sleeve. First of all rugby is more than not easily learned. The rules aren't complex and are decisive. The guide lines are simple and there really isn't any room for unclarity. This is not the case for football and some other sports. Another reason rugby is easily learned is because it doesn't take much to run a ball and toss it to other people. The game is easily…show more content…
And it does seem risky, however there are less injuries in a rugby season than a football season. According to in 2009 hospitals recorded 48,948 football related head injuries; rugby only recorded 5,919. Honestly I'd rather play rugby over football. There are a lot of incidents in football that can be life altering. Brain damage is a very big issue in football lately. But rugby has enforced rules that stop people from tackling high or around the shoulders. When a player tackles they can't lead with their head either. Rugby is much safer than its thought to be. So anyone who is worried about the safety of the players you can put that argument to rest. Obviously their are risks in just about every sport. Some injuries just happen and its unexpected. They're kind of unavoidable in a sport so physical like rugby or football at that matter, but that's no excuse as to why it can't be safer. I'm all for
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