Essay On The Importance Of School Uniform

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School Uniform a sign of discipline and organization or limiting the freedom of the students? The answer to the above question requires analysis and research on one hand and creates a huge debate on the other hand. Educational environments such as schools provide students with education and much more. Social values such as equality and sharing are also taught in schools. The students also learn in schools how to develop and shape their personality. In the past decade schools played a major role in creating future leaders that are equipped with knowledge social and analytical skills. Discipline and respect are two important elements that students learn during their school years. Respecting laws, rules and regulations of the school also prepares the students to be good citizens. Equality between the students is the first element that is created by having a unified by having a unified school uniform. Other than equality school uniform helps students to understand rules and regulations and respect them.

The first purpose of using school uniform
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Each school has its own regulation for the colors and materials of the school uniform that must be worn by the students. When students adhere to the colors and materials for uniform that are established by the school regulations they learn respect, discipline. If they break these rules and regulations they will be subject to punishment. It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to ensure that the students follow the rules and regulations and wear the right uniform. Students that respect and adhere to the rules and regulations of the society are prepared to be good citizens that will respect the rules and regulations of the society such as the traffic laws. Respecting society laws is taught along with education in schools. Uniforms add measures of safety in identical dress.
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