Persuasive Essay About Sea Coast Fishing

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The Cairns Fishing Adventure A Great Australia Road Trip You love holidays? You love to fish? Then you 'll need to come to Cairns, Australia where the fishing is, quite simply, bloody fantastic. You 've got options coming out of your ears when you fish in Cairns on your next Great Australian Road Trip. It has almost every species of Pacific game fish in the blue waters near the reef. You can go fishing in the estuaries; you can go fishing in the rivers. You can go fishing offshore, onshore, and in sections of the reef. In fact, we can 't be sure if anyone does anything else up in Cairns. You can self drive at your own leisure, or hire out a charter and go on a great adventure, cashing in on local knowledge for all the best fishing…show more content…
Get yourself a Cairns car hire and take a road trip to Australia 's ultimate fishing adventure. Spectacular fishing, depending on the time of year, can also be had in the Russel Mulgrave river (40 kilometres south of Cairns) and the mighty Daintree river (just north of Port Douglas) which lines the Daintree National Park. And if you 've scored yourself a 4WD there 's nothing stopping you from fare-welling the beautiful and languid Port Douglas, after you 've hauled in some beauties whilst floating about on the Daintree River, to burrow right on past Cooktown (good fishing there too surprise surprise) and into the wilds of Cape York. Throw yourself about in the depths of surrounding national parks, like Cape Melville, Jardine River, Lakefield, and Iron Range. It 's at this point you may start considering staying up here, growing a very long beard and spending the rest of your life in a pair of short shorts. No car in Cairns? Rent One! Rental cars are available everywhere in Cairns. Try searching Google for something like cairns car hire deals and you 'll be able to "snapper" up a cheap deal. Drive Safe and

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