The Importance Of Sexual Education In Schools

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Sexual education is one of many topics teenagers rarely know about due to lack of discussion at schools. Because of the lack of discussion within schools, teens become ignorant about protection, STDs, and teen pregnancy. A majority of teenagers make mistakes such as having unsafe sex as a result from being naïve about the topic. That is why it is important for schools to teach adolescents about sex. Teens partaking in sexual behavior can possibly receive or transfer sexually transmitted diseases or in some cases become pregnant. Studies have shown that one of the main causes for teen pregnancy is insufficient knowledge about sex. Therefore it is beneficial for students to have “school­based programs addressing teenage sexual behavior” (Adjei et al). With risks such as STDs and teen pregnancy, it is important for schools to not only educate adolescents about sex, but also bring awareness to the outcomes.…show more content…
For this reason, parents are more than willing to have their children learn about sex at school; therefore “placing responsibility for sexual education with teachers” instead of teaching the topic themselves (George et al). A reason behind parents wanting their teenagers to learn about sex at school instead of teaching it themselves is because Health teachers are more informed about the topic and are able to properly explain all the vital information there is to know about sexual education. It is also important to note that teaching sexual education in school helps adolescents live a more healthy and safe lifestyle. Sexual education also allows them to make wiser decisions based upon their actions by providing “an inclusive and

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