Iphone Vs Bluetooth Essay

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Mobile phones have reached a prestigious place that no one could have imagined, and it will reach higher places that we can’t imagine. Mobile phones nowadays are more than a device used to call or text someone, it is considered as a smartphone rather than an ordinary mobile phone. One uses it for calling, texting, surfing the web, making purchases, listening to music, taking pictures, and much more. Smartphones became an indispensible part of one’s life. Many companies entered in the race of making smartphones, and prevailing in the market. The big battle in that domain is mainly between Apple and Samsung. When a customer wants to buy a new phone he/she gets an abundance of advice that puts him/her mainly in front of two choices, Apple and…show more content…
It is being upgraded to transfer files between devices that are 60 meters away. Both Samsung and iPhones have Bluetooth, but the major difference is that Samsung phones can connect via Bluetooth to any device. While iPhone can only connect with iDevices (devices made by Apple).iPhones can only connect to iDevices because apple systems are considered virus free and Apple would like to keep all its devices like that.
 SD Card: SD cards (Secure Digital Cards) are small memory cards that are capable of storing data. It is widely spread in Samsung. It is considered as an ultimate advantage since one can increase the memory on his/her phone. For example, the phone’s memory is full, one can go buy an extra 8 GB and the problem will be resolved. SD cards are supported on all Samsung phones, and one can add up to 128GB of extra memory. While iPhone’s memory is fixed one can’t add any extra GB.
 Water/Dust Resistant: The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant. The S5 can stay under the water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Hence giving the ultimate experience for its users to take underwater pictures. Whereas iPhone is not water resistant so it’s not made to work

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