Reflective Essay: Life Was Good On Aspen Mountain

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Once, I was a little snowflake on top of a mountain. Life was good on Aspen Mountain with the exception of being trampled by skiers. Until one day when a skier wipes out on top of me. As he was falling, Me and my brothers were swept into the man's jacket. Most of my brothers tumbled out as the man stumbled for his Ski poles but I was stuck. I was consumed With panic, praying somehow, someway I would get out before I melt. As the man started to ski down the mountain again, I started to feel the heat. Boiling, sizzling, searing heat which I have never felt before, and don’t want to ever feel again. A weird sensation began to set in, like I was melting away. MELTING AWAY!?! I frantically thought. Could It get any worse than this? I thought that was the worst it can get. I was …show more content…

Everyone then told their stories about how they got here and what their lives were like before. Then, the voice quickly explained that clouds can’t hold water for long and that we are about to fall from the sky. Screams ensued and before we knew it, we were hurtling toward the earth faster than a bullet. The Earth hurtled closer by the second. I braced myself and closed my eyes, not wanting to see what will come next. I knew I was done for. Out of sheer luck a heavy gust of wind pushed my down the chimney of a building. Then a blazing hot gust shoved me into this weird contraption. It was pitch black, with the only light coming from a pinhole above me. Inside this contraption was a strange bubbly liquid of a caramel brown color. I swam to the peephole, trying to find out where I was. When I looked out I saw a sea of red and yellow, golden arches, and frantic workers scrambling like ants to fill orders. I felt relatively safe, after all people only pose a danger when there skiing, right? That thought came crashing down when he came stumbled through the

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