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Hello my fellow country people, as we say here in Nigeria, "una weldone oo". in this post we will discuss a new social media that actually pays you for been social...when i say new i mean it's still new to most nigerians online. The new social Network is called TSU(pronounced sue) and it is the First social media network in the world that actually pays you for been social.

We all have accounts of Facebook, twitter and Instagram just to mention a few, and in as much as we enjoy been on these social networks, it's saddening to know that these social media networks make billions of dollars over our original content.....that selfie you posted, the comment you made, that like you made on that picture or even that ad you clicked on...these little
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about tsu- a network that pays you for been social

sound more legit now?


The way Tsu works is simple: the network understands that what makes them money is ad revenue. The more people interacting on their site and seeing the ads and clicking through, the more money they make. (Facebook is well aware of this, too, they just don't pay you anything for making them billions of dollars even though you're helping them do it.)

So to encourage you to do all of your social networking on Tsu instead of Facebook or the other networks, they decided to share that revenue with their members. Here's an infographic showing how that works:

bout tsu- a network that pays you for been social.

It just makes sense. The users are the ones making the network the money, so to encourage you to create compelling content that gets the ads on the network seen, the network pays you when your content reaches more people!

This is not a new concept. There are lots of sites that pay the people who create the content based on the page views and ad revenue. This is just the first social network to do it. And with 5+ million users and growing fast, it's on a clear path to
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