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Hello my fellow country people, as we say here in Nigeria, "una weldone oo". in this post we will discuss a new social media that actually pays you for been social...when i say new i mean it's still new to most nigerians online. The new social Network is called TSU(pronounced sue) and it is the First social media network in the world that actually pays you for been social. We all have accounts of Facebook, twitter and Instagram just to mention a few, and in as much as we enjoy been on these social networks, it's saddening to know that these social media networks make billions of dollars over our original content.....that selfie you posted, the comment you made, that like you made on that picture or even that ad you clicked on...these little…show more content…
In fact, they share 90% of their ad revenue with their members. And yes, you get royalties when the people you refer earn as well. With their headquarters in New York USA, the founders are, -Sebastian Sobczak -- Drew Ginsburg - Thibault Boullenger According to Wikipedia, "The inspiration for Tsu came from the story of Ed O'Bannon, the lead plaintiff in O'Bannon v. NCAA, an antitrust class action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association regarding the association's use of the images of former student athletes for commercial purposes." IS TSU A PYRAMID SCHEME? That's what I thought at first, so I started researching the site. Big name sites like MacWorld, ZDNet and ABCNews have had favorable write-ups about it. It also has a Wikipedia page. It started in September of 2014 and reached 1 million users in 5 weeks (it took Facebook 10 months to reach that number). Now, less than one year later, it has more than 5 million members. And that includes famous members like New York Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony, rapper 50 Cent, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and more! But it's not just famous people making money with…show more content…
There are lots of sites that pay the people who create the content based on the page views and ad revenue. This is just the first social network to do it. And with 5+ million users and growing fast, it's on a clear path to success. HOW REGISTER ON TSU Registration on is free but by invitation.That's logical, given the nature of Tus's business model. I'll be honest with you: although I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for business purposes, I've never had any motivation to make social networking a significant part of my life or daily activity. It held no appeal. But Tsu holds serious appeal because it actually rewards me for being an active member. It will reward you, too! So click the link below to go to my Tsu page and create your own account. Then invite your friends, family and contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, your email list -- wherever -- and start getting paid to keep in touch with people! It just makes more sense. If you're going to be active on a social network, be active on the one that pays you to do so. Here's the link: Join Me on TSU See you guys on the Inside!! In our next post, we'll discuss how you can get more friends, followers and how you can increase your earnings on

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