Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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Have you ever dreamed of going to space, floating weightlessly through the black void? Whether as a toddler or still as an adult, everyone has had this dream. However, there is a point in many people’s lives where they lose interest, and some even oppose the idea of exploring the great beyond. Because of this, the world is where it is now: unable to make any significant progress in learning what is outside of our planet. Why do so many people deny the childlike curiosity of knowing what goes on past what we can see? There are a number of good reasons to expand the space program. Although it can be an extremely costly endeavor, space exploration could provide the world with a far greater knowledge of our universe and planet, spark revolutionary innovations, and take the next steps in human expansion.
Many people reject the idea of space travel because of how expensive and dangerous it is, and suggest that the United States fix the problems on Earth before worrying about the problems beyond it. Of the United States’ funds, NASA has spent “more than $900 billion since its creation in 1958 through 2014” (Fowler). Despite this huge number, NASA’s drain on the economy is more of a funnel back into it: every dollar that goes into the space program returns eight to ten dollars back to the economy
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Even though people fear it is too expensive or dangerous, the benefits the world gains are much greater than the few losses. With the help of the private sector, the space program can achieve great things. The world will gain extensive amounts of knowledge through space exploration, and many more revolutionary innovations are sure to come with it. When civilization eventually outgrows this planet, colonization will give it a place to go and to thrive. Humanity cannot simply give up its curiosity when faced with the slightest obstacles; it must move past them, and in doing so, secure a better life for
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