Persuasive Essay About Stereotypes

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Have you ever looked at someone and immediately thought, “ They truly deserve to be treated the worst because of their look,” yeah, me either, this is an example of stereotyping. In my opinion, stereotypes should not be distributed around anymore. There is no point to it. Why criticize someone for something that is out of their control ( such as religion , culture, and looks)? I understand some people have different mindsets and claim they do not know right from wrong, but that gives no excuse, we shouldn 't stereotype in general. The things it could do to a person is dehumanizing, for example, if I stereotype a girl for looking “ mexican” it could really hurt her self- esteem. I mean, obviously she wouldn 't show it right away but she may feel some pain and it can drive her to be more self-conscious and worried about what people thought of her. We, as humans, should treat each other way better. We are all in this world together and like it or not, we are all each other has. Humans do not treat one another like we should, it 's disgraceful.
Stereotyping is seeing someone and judging them in a way that isn 't necessarily true. The most common type of stereotyping is basing someone off of their looks. I may look at a person and be so quick to say ,” Oh she looks mexican because she brown” or ,” Oh he 's definitely rich because he 's white”. I could be totally wrong, but doesn 't this sound awful? We shouldn 't base people off of their looks because there could be something way

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