Stress In Psychology

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Stress, an unpleasant situation we were dragged in. Giving off the mindset of “Just get it over with.” whether to get an assignment done or that one project we just want to finish because of the ever so close deadline, nevertheless saying students shouldn’t follow. We’ve experienced stress once or more during our time learning, and most of that time was filled with anger, desperation, and depression. Since stress causes the body releases large portions adrenaline, an increase of strength and amounts of energy to flow into the body. These are times we would all remember in high school or in college. Though ways to be relieved off of Stress has been tackled multiple times throughout the years, but the talk of identifying where it began is rarely…show more content…
2008), panic disorder (Abelson et al… 2007), and post-traumatic stress disorder or widely known as PTSD (Meewisse et al... 2007). Beyond that, Stress can cause an alteration of action which causes an increase in aggression, exposing the people around the host to act violently upon the exposed victims. As stated by W. van Lankveld, G. N盲ring, C. van der Staak, P. van't Pad Bosch and L. van de Putte “Pain, limitation and dependence were rated as the most…show more content…
Instead, this is defined by two points of processes, which is the cognitive appraisal and coping. The concept of appraisal is based on the idea that emotional processes (including stress) are dependent on actual expectancies a person has manifest with regard to the significance and outcome of a specific encounter. These appraisals, in turn, are determined by a number of personal and situational factors. The most important factors on the personal side are motivational dispositions, goals, values, and generalized
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