Persuasive Essay About Study Abroad

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Have you ever felt puzzled because of wondering whether you should choose the safe path or a risky one? I know that this feeling is unavoidable for each and everyone of us in our daily life from normal things like choosing to go or not to go to school or workplace to something which has fierce impacts on our life. The story that happened to me was one of my milestones which I could never forget, and I still remember it clearly as if it only happened yesterday.
Let’s all of us go to the time machine and travel back through time to the year of 2014 which was also the year that our story began. In the middle of the school year in 2014, I was a ninth grader at that time. On a beautiful day where all the sunlight was dancing, an organization called World Education came to our school to have a meeting with the students from 9th to 12th graders. The representatives of this organization said that they are associated with the ISE program in America. They told us that to have an opportunity to study abroad in the United States of America is a dream that not everyone can achieve. They even gave us some examples of the students who took this chance and succeeded. The conference was absolutely like an attractive door which we could walk through to step into a world that was waiting to be discovered. All of my senses and thoughts throbbed with enthusiasm as if they had already wanted to participate in this program, yet at that moment, another thoughts came to me like a warning sign which

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