Personal Experience: My Journey To A Vicouña

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I envision myself, ten years from now, standing on the strong Andes Mountains. All around me there is snow and signs of wildflowers --fighting for their place on the mountainside. I feel at peace as my gaze wanders across the horizon. I am in the heart of wilderness in Vicuña, Chile and this is where I belong. Without a doubt, Vicuña would be my choice of travel because of the amazing memories I made this past summer while studying abroad with CIEE through their High School Summer Abroad Program based in Valparaíso, Chile. In Chile, I lived la vida porteña, which means “the port life”. Sure, in English it may not sound so appealing, but there was this energy that could only be found in streets in Valpo that brought out the best in me. I found myself counting the hours down to when…show more content…
As soon as I reach the yellow house upon the cerro, I know that I would see Lucy in the kitchen, cooking up some delicious Chilean dish. And as she invited me in so that we could enjoy lunch together, she would be overjoyed to see me and receive gifts from Texas while we catch up on life, which would most likely include talking about politics of the States, how my mom’s doing, and most of all the wild stories from the other students who came and went through the program. If anything were to change it would most likely be the way I approach her and Rodrigo, her son. I would embrace them with warm, open arms with tears in my eyes from the last time we saw one another. While I composed myself, I would be able to speak with them about my travels and future plans in staying in Vicuña. If I returned to Chile and Lucy was not there as I had planned, I feel that my experience there would be incomplete because I would not have the guidance she provided me. However, I do feel that regardless if Lucy were there, I would still be able to find my way through las calles and it back home in one
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