Persuasive Essay About Summer Experience

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A Summer Camp Like Never Before: May 22nd - 31st, 2017 at JPIS Yeah! Summer vacations are on. It is time for parents and children alike to enjoy and have fun. But, hey, has your kid already started saying “Mom, I’m too bored!”, or is it that he’s either all the time stuck in front of the TV and almost turned into a couch potato, or keeps frittering away time on a computer? We’re sure you would not want that to happen. So, why not tickle the creative side of your kids, and think of something worthwhile? But, how do you make it happen? Engaging them at home is fine. But it can get soggy because of the mundane routine. So what’s the solution? Well, fret no more; we, at the JP International School, have brought something worthy to consider for your child’s summer break. Come Join the Summer Camp!…show more content…
Do you want your kids to get engaged in brisk physical activities? Then, we are right there for you. We have Skating opportunities and even Karate to have the world at your feet. Not convinced? How about some Indoor Sports and Fun Games? Well. We have carom, chess, badminton, and Table Tennis to make your child’s sport dreams come true. Start the practice to get hold on the favorite game of theirs. Wait, the list is not over yet. To bring in entertainment as a whole, we will also be screening one children film every day. Yes, now that’s what true fun is! As students, you can make the most out of this summer camp with JP International. All the special intensive courses offered by the school helps enhance skills and supports personality development of the students through niche subjects that are provided in a creative atmosphere. Time to Say NO to Mobiles and TV A vacation is never complete without some memorable fun. So, why not give your kids the taste of fun? This summer, instead of mobiles and TV, gear up your kids for an exciting summer camp. Let them live it off this
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