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Technology is something that people use every day without really thinking much about it. As technology becomes more advanced it keeps on making our lives, even easier, but is that a good thing. In some ways technology is very helpful, thanks to technology kids in school have better opportunities to learn things much easier than their parents did. Healthcare has also improved thanks to technology. Technology has also made the workplace much easier to work at. Another great technology that is making our life easier is the cell phone almost every single person in the world has one. But do all the benefits of technology out weight the bad ones.
There are many benefits of using technology in the classroom, especially since students are growing in
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Technology has changed the way we work, it reduces human errors which can be caused by too much work or stress. As company’s use more technology they are able to produce more good faster to sell to the public. An example of a company that uses a lot of technology are the automatic companies, most of their employees are machines that do the hard job and the human employees do the easier jobs. Because most of the work is done by machines they are able to make their cars more affordable to the public. By making their cars affordable, people can buy cars without going into debt. Thanks to cars we are able to get to our destination faster than if we went…show more content…
Cell phones are great because it has more than one use, it can let you talk to people that are miles away from you and if you’re bored you can a watch movies or listen to music on it, but those are only a few things that a cell phone can do. Cell phones have many possibility all we need to do is download an application on the cell phone and there are hundreds of application available. So just think of all the possibilities of the cellphone. Even though cell phone are great they can be a problem too. I have seen people that would rather text their friends that are sitting right next to them instead of talking to them. People would also rather be on their phone instead of getting to know new

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