Argumentative Essay: A Happy Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is a day when people thank other people in their life for being there with them; even if they may despise the very existence of them. A toast to the spirit of Thanksgiving.
42. A few pounds will do you good. Use them to buy a pair of stretchy pants.

Happy Thanksgiving!

43. No one burps or farts during or immediately after the Thanksgiving Feast. Those who do will have to do the dishes in the end.
Enjoy the Feast, Folks!

44. You just need a few corners to hide from your hideous relatives, and a smartphone to live through the day.

That’s something else to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

45. Thanksgiving lets me see my mom get drunk. Happy Thanksgiving Day it really is!

46. Thanksgiving is a day when people thank
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A Thanksgiving poster of PETA asks the children: Would you eat your dog? Happy Thanksgiving Day!

48. I celebrated Thanksgiving the old way. I invited my entire neighborhood to my house; we had a big party, and then I killed them and took their land.

49. I would eat chicken wings on Thanksgiving if it were socially acceptable. But it isn’t coz Thanksgiving belongs to the Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving folks!

50. There are a lot of traditions of Thanksgiving in New York. For example, a lot of New Yorkers do not buy a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. They 'll buy the live bird and then push it in front of a train. Happy Thanksgiving!

51. Giving thanks is not a prayer that we do before every meal. For us, it is a way of living. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

52. May your turkey be delicious, and your pies be your hard-earned prize,
May your Thanksgiving
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May you have the happiest family get-together this year. And don’t forget to drug your turkey with Prozac.
Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

63. Let happiness enter, with friends and family.
Make your Thanksgiving, a memorable ceremony.

64. May you shoot your Turkey as well as you did last year. Just don’t do it in the Supermarket this year!

Wish you a great blast on this Thanksgiving Day!

65. Remember your friends with joy, and your family with the broken toy, but don 't forget your enemies, present them thanks, sarcastically! Happy Thanksgiving!

66. It’s time for the Family Reunion again…time to eat more than our diet, time for yummy leftovers, and time for the annual torture to remind us why we stay away for each other!

Don’t lick your fingers this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

67. Autumn is beautiful, though everything is dying. November is chilling, warning us with freezing winds, yet everything feels warm with everyone’s blessings. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

68. Too much food in mouth on Thanksgiving is a good thing when you are asked to explain why you 're still single. Unbutton your pants, and avoid all the rants. Have a filling Thanksgiving!

69. Let us meet, and remember the old
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