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The 13 best beaches in the USA to make your Trip Memorable
The United States is a diverse country full of life bestowed with surroundings that make it a favourite tourist destination. The rich marine life and flora and fauna of the country make it an amazing honeymoon destination of the much in love couples looking for some personal time in nature’s lap. You can enjoy your best time of your life at any of the best beaches in the US. Some of the popular beaches of the country are:
1.San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, CA: A beach infamous for its boob shape is a huge attraction amongst beach lovers in California. One of the populated beaches during weekends is the perfect spot for amateur surfers looking for an isolated place to learn to
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Lauderdale, it is a family beach where everyone can enjoy. With the even stretch, if sand children can enjoy making their sand castles, teenagers can enjoy volleyball and adults can have a sun bath or enjoy swimming in the natural surroundings. In order to satisfy hunger cravings Atlantic Avenue adjacent to the beach provides mouth-watering seafood and bar to enjoy the nightlife and forget the world.

6.Atlantic Beach: The world renowned beach. Atlantic Beach is located in New York City is considered one of the high-end beach of the country. For the city dwellers, it is hardly a ride of 2.5 hours to enjoy the high-end luxury of the beach whether swimming, surfing, boating or sunbathing. Travellers across the world come to visit the beach as it is known for its high-class maintenance and people do not mind spending few dimes to enjoy the beach.

7.Isla Blanca Beach: A part beach is world famous why? Because of its extravaganza lifestyle and parties, that beats the stress out of the system. Ever wild, ever energetic and overcrowded beach is a perfect night out a place for singles, married, collegiate or anyone looking to rock the sand floor and go high on drinks. It is located in Texas and has some of the cool bars like coral reefs, Billy’s that satisfies the hungry visitors and saltwater that soothes the drunken
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