Persuasive Essay About The Holocaust

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RJ Kloecker
Ms. Underhill
Persuasive Essay
12 December 2016
Persuasive Essay
Have you ever wondered what it was like during the time of the Holocaust? Well, if so then your question might just be answered. I believe that the time of the Holocaust was horrible and should not be repeated; however there is a possibility for that to happen. First, the United States is in the middle of a war with ISIS and that could possibly lead to another Holocaust that we will ignore; second, the conflicts between North Korea and United States, and finally Sudanese refugees are stepping into dangerous waters because not everybody is happy with them coming into the United States and other countries.
First of all, I believe a second Holocaust can grow from the
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Kim Jung-un is starving his people just because he wants money to build nuclear weapons; he will not let any of his more wealthy people help the starving unless they give him their consent in building the weapons. The leaders of the world hands are tied because they cannot get into North Korea and they only way to get in is to do it with force. “The roughly 24 million people who live in the totalitarian state have minimal interaction with the outside world. Foreign media is forbidden, interaction with tourists is strictly controlled and the internet is inaccessible to almost everyone.” (Alfred How North Korea became so isolated) On the other, hand others believe that this is just a faze and there can be peace. Kim Jong-un wants complete power over everybody in North Korea. “State Surveillance permeates the private lives of citizens.”(Life in Korea: executions, starvation and…show more content…
First of all, there is a war going on in Sudan which breaks a peace deal. The war started in late 2013 and people cannot stay there; many have just left with the clothes on their backs and a couple of belongings or family heirlooms. Many are flowing into Uganda at an extremely rapid rate and the countries cannot keep up the conglomeration of people sporadically flowing into their countries. In turn, countries are ignoring them; they are not acknowledging that these people need homes and have been wondering for weeks. “Civil war engulfed the country amid fierce political tensions in late 2013, and the collapse of a subsequent peace deal in July of this year caused the massive surge of people fleeing to Uganda.”(South Sudanese refugees are flowing into Uganda at an unprecedented rate.) Of course, there are the people that would argue and say that they are letting refugees in. However they are turning away many more than they are welcoming in. Yet another reason to testify how people today do not bother to look around them and are instead wrapped up in what is going on in

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