Persuasive Essay About The Reasons Why School Should Start Later?

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Did you know that brain cells die if you don't get enough sleep? The start time for school is affecting kids health in all different ways. One reason why that school start times should be later is permanent damage could occur. Another reason is not enough sleep could affect school work. The start time for Middle School and High School should be later than it is now. One reason why schools should start later is that if you don't get enough sleep you can get permanent damage to your body. According to Matthew Hutson, “If you don’t get enough sleep your brain cells could die.” If your brain cells die you lose a lot of your memory. It just depends on how many you lose. Some things that you could forget is how to drive straight and you could…show more content…
According to Pros and Cons about if school should start later said, teens wouldn’t be able to take care of their siblings after school. If teens got home after their younger siblings their parents wouldn’t be able to work because they would have to watch their kids. It would be difficult for parents not to work as long as they did. Another reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea to start schools later is that it would affect other schools within the district. All the schools would have to have different time changes if they didn't want more buses. If all the schools started and ended school at the same time they would have to buy more buses. It would also affect your sports. You would also get home later and go to sleep later. Even though there are some cons about schools starting later there are more pros for starting schools later. In conclusion, the start time for Middle school and High School should be later than it is now. Schools should start later because not enough sleep can cause permanent damage and not enough sleep can affect school work/grades. Tell your teachers, principals, and other staff about why schools should have later start
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