Extinction Of Tigers Essay

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I. Tigers exist in eleven countries throughout Asia such as in Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos Thailand and so on.
II. The tiger is one of the most iconic animals on earth, but the largest of the big cats is on the brink of extinction. III. Unlike lions, leopards and cheetahs, tigers prefer to live in densely covered land where they can hide in tall grasses, camouflaged by their dark stripes, and ambush their prey.
IV. Now, the tiger in Asia are increasingly threatened with extinction and an average life of tigers in the Asian countries are increasingly worrying.
V. A few of the remaining endangered subspecies may survive only in zoos others will live only in stories, pictures and myths, never again to roam the earth.
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They have identified 37 key areas where tigers live mainly Malayan tigers in Peninsula Malaysia entire forest.
b. The act sets out the steps to conserve and improve the ecosystem of the forest functions to ensure the life of this habitat is preserved.
c. The Government has gazetted some areas of the forest and make it as permanent forest reserves.
d. WWF also make enforcement authorities stopped give licenses to individuals who want to hunt predators are a source of food for the tigers.
B. Second, the various programs conducted throughout Asia to curb the extinction of the tiger
1. Tiger Forever Program held across Asia aims to increase the number of tigers in every four in Asia at least a 50 percent increase in ten years.
a. Through this program, the government and NGOs to improve law enforcement to catch poachers,
b. This authorities has also been using the advanced technology of "Poacher Cams" to monitor the life of the tiger as an endangered species.
2. Construction of special lanes for the passage of wildlife
a. The government of Singapore has identified that there are a lot of tiger’s habitat and launched a special route for the extension of the forest as a route for

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