Persuasive Essay About Vacation In Croatia

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Holiday in Croatia in the Summer of 2016 Thousands of kilometers of coastline, white pebble beaches, vibrant cities, exciting and adventurous tours, 1185 islands - each one different than the other -; as you can see, reasons to spend your next summer vacation in Croatia abound! From peaceful, family-oriented resorts to hiking, diving and sailing expeditions, Croatia offers it all. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. We won’t pretend to know every hidden gem Croatia has in store for you; some things are that much better if you get to discover them on your own! The truth is we don’t even have enough space here to cover exciting things we do know about Croatia. That is why we’ve decided to give you a short, abridged version of top reasons you should vacation in Croatia this following summer! Holiday in Croatia's Beautiful Costal Cities…show more content…
Croatia offers so many unique experiences that it really is quite difficult to decide where to turn first. Croatian cost is longer than the distance between Paris and Berlin, and every couple of miles there is something you would be foolish to skip! It’s difficult to cram everything into your itinerary, so for the last leg of your journey we suggest going all in and investing in an Adriatic cruise, but more on that later. For starters, we recommend exploring as many coastal cities as you can. Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Šibenik, Pula, take your pick! Some of these cities are thousands of years old, with rich and bloody backgrounds, and you will be tripping over history on every

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