Persuasive Essay About Volume Control

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Volume control is essential to be a normal human being, yet, many people seem to lack that quality and choose to be obnoxiously loud. There are just some things that a person does that is counted as annoying and talking as if everyone is deaf is one of those things. There’s no point in talking as loud as possible when in most situations the other person is no more than a foot away. Also, someone’s business should stay within themselves and not be loud enough for the rest of the world to hear. Plus, why would anyone want to waste their own precious time listening to someone else’s irrelevant life. The volume some people choose to have is completely unnecessary and simply too annoying to handle. The only true way of keeping these ear-piercingly loud people that are so loud they can cause an earthquake, from disrupting a perfectly normal day is by simply sewing their mouths shut. Sewing their mouths shut is an effective way of making sure these people will have a volume control. The people would be able to keep their mouths shut and be quiet. Having a thread go through their mouths and keeping it shut will be the new way to prevent any…show more content…
Just thinking of the peace and quiet that can occur without these people is already relaxing. The peace and quiet that occurs can make the world an overall happier place. Also, everyone will be in less pain because people will have a fewer number of headaches. The number of headaches that people give just by being loud won’t have to be an issue anymore. Just imagine having a pounding sound of a piercing voice in a person’s everyday life go away. There is also the chance of society being smarter because people will be able to focus more. Since there is no one constantly screaming and interrupting what needs to be done, things will get done quicker and more efficiently. The world could be such a better place without people who choose to be
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