Reflection On How People Wear Masks

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Everyone wears a mask at some point in their life, whether that's to make friends, to impress someone or even to make themselves feel more likable. This isn’t abnormal in fact it's quite common. Tons of people around the world do this on a daily basis just to get people to like them. This is how you get a fake friends because they think you're someone you're not. I once wore a mask to change into someone I wasn't when I first moved to smithville in third grade. I was scared and I guess that's normal when people are scared they hide behind a mask so that they fit in instead of stand out. I made a lot of friends for that year but every year I would allow me to be myself around people at school. Eventually I lost a lot of those people that said they were my friends and looking back now it was better that way because they were fake and didn't care and the ones that stayed with me are still by my side to this day. You wear masks from when you come into this world until you're 6 feet under. There's a lot of times I wear a mask to pretend I enjoy being around someone because I don't want to hurt them or be mean to them. I do this a lot at school because if i…show more content…
Sometimes you have to wear a mask and it may suck but you have to because if you don't you could get in trouble. Wearing a mask and not being yourself around certain people is just you being human. I have a friend and me and him are really close but i can only be around him at certain times because the few people we are around he will become a jerk and it's just not fun to be around him when he's like that and that's common for boys when they are around other guys. If you have a girlfriend a problem that you guys have is that when your with your friends you're not as nice or you're not talking to her as much. Girls will do the same thing too it's not just guys but guys try to get a laugh girls do it to make them feel more dominate when they are with their
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