Persuasive Essay About Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress

This is going to be the most important dress you will ever buy in your life. When it comes down to it there are a lot of factors to think of, so to begin with your probably wondering where to start?
Well before you start you need to think of the following things

Think about the day and what kind of dress is most appropriate for the wedding, so is your wedding winter? Summer? Formal? Informal.
Then think about your body shape and personal style so think about do you want sleeves? Or what neck line you want.
Do some research before going shopping, spend a few days or weeks looking at different wedding dress shops and keep a scrapbook of the dresses and the styles you like, make sure the pictures are clear.
Then you need to make sure your being realistic I mean you may go down a size or go up a size for the wedding but your not going to lose 3 stone or gain 6 inches. So think about what looks good on you not what looks good on somebody else.
Set a budget for the dress on average a wedding dress can cost 1500 euro and that is not including your accessories.

After doing all this you then have to remember to give yourself time, thee sooner you start looking the better it is. You have to remember it can take up to six months for a dress to be made to order from a bridal boutique. Remember to keep in mind that you keep alterations into consideration. Don’t buy too far in advance (more than a year) as you have to remember styles change each season. Make sure you

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