Persuasive Essay About Why Travel Alone

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Why Travel Alone We all look forward to opportunities to go on vacation. It’s no wonder we all share a fondness for holidays, long weekends, summer and spring breaks. These are the times that we really take time to plan for, they are also the reason why we skimp on food and shopping. We brainstorm and narrow down destination choices until we can find that one perfect place that fits our budget, schedule, and mood. We could go to the beach or maybe go to a different country to go skiing. The possibilities are endless as long as we are prepared for it. It’s an exciting process that starts from the planning up to post trip high. This is the time that families and friends take the opportunity to bond and do something together as a pack. As we have grown accustomed to go on trips with people for the purpose of bonding and gaining shared experiences, traveling has become a social activity that we partake with the people close to us. It has been a way for us to develop our relationships. As we are all aware of the perks of traveling with people, the idea of this article might seem crazy for most. Why the hell would anyone want to travel alone? If you have read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” or its movie adaptation then you might be more receptive to this idea but if you haven’t then prepare to be convinced! Let’s…show more content…
It is loads of fun to be with a lot of people on trips but you have to admit the hassle and stress that comes with it. Planning takes a long period of time to accommodate everyone’s wants; you may even have to give up some of your plans to make space for others. The amount of adjustments you have to make seem to increase proportionally to the number of people joining. Imagine going on a trip without compromising, a trip that’s all about you. A vacation is essentially a time away from stress, worry, and problems, which usually isn’t the case, but without companion this actually becomes a big
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